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Chad Perron: Music

Build My Wall

(Chad Perron)
July 7, 2009

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For the Glory of Jesus Christ,
Chad Perron

Broken hearts, calloused heartaches

Self-built lives disguise a dry thirsty soul

In these towns and in this city

We’ve been called to follow in the Master’s role . . . . as He calls



Build My wall, raise this city

May My kingdom everlasting be your goal

Here My call, don’t grow weary

May your place within this Body build your hope

As you build My wall


Unseen wars, hidden battles

Lies that please the enemies of Heaven’s plan

Though we’re tried, though we’ve fallen

The Truth we hold emboldens us to rise and stand.



The path is hard, a narrow way

His strength alone can help me stay . . .

The course uncertain He’ll make straight

As the darkness, as the darkness fades