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Chad Perron: Music

God's Time

(Chad Perron)
July 7, 2009

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For the Glory of Jesus Christ,
Chad Perron

Time is not our friend; time is not the enemy

But time, it is God’s tool that has an end

For to God time doesn’t matter, a thousand years is like a day

Present circumstances shatter, when we wait



And when I asked God for someone to share my life

It seemed like he said, “Time’s the answer”

And you’re the gift of love that gave my faith its sight

It’s just like he said, “Time’s the answer” – God’s time’s the answer.


Love it has no end, His love that dwells inside of me

Love like faith will grow, when found in Him

For God’s love is not emotion, but a choice that can’t be changed

And we learn a true devotion when we pray  



So far I’ve learned that my plans tend to lose their shine

When my attempts to have my way rob me of blessings in this life

The complications of an ordinary day

Teach me the patience of my God – I want His way