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Chad Perron: Music


(Chad Perron)
January 1, 2003

Whatever happened to what’s right                    

Borrow a little bit from every truth to keep what may be wrong out of sight

And could there be another way

If you believe it truly than there’s nothing anybody else can say

So what can we say . . . to show them the way



No matter what opinions say, there is one God, one truth, one way

His Word alone remains forever

Though truth is hard to see for some, when all is said God’s will is done

Creation bends its knee forever

He does what He wills with His own, and all will fall down at His throne


Are you amazed at what you see

Are you discouraged at the prospect that this world believes it has no more need

I think it can help to realize

Right now is what we see because it’s what our God in Heaven decides

It’s not what we see . . . it’s what we believe



I know in life it seems that nothing stays the same

But our hope is in a God who will not change