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Chad Perron: Music


(Chad Perron)
January 1, 2003

Two worlds got me torn apart I have this life in one hand and in the other God’s heart

It’s plain as day, anyone can see that this old tug-of-war is making a mess out of me

Don’t want the old man to win the fight; don’t want to have to see a blinding light;

He shouldn’t have to prove Himself to me – torn’s not what I want to be 



I want to be broken, I want to be broken, I want to be broken, I want to be broken


Boy wonder where you runnin’ to, did Mr. Freeze make things a little chilly for you

I can see It’s hard to do things right, sometimes doing good seems like an impossible fight

I shouldn’t have to make myself behave; I shouldn’t feel like I’m some helpless slave;

The best of both’s not my philosophy – torn’s not what I want to be



Torn between two world’s feels so wrong, I’ll never get used to it no matter how long

The closer to heaven the more I can see that torn’s not the place that I really want to be – yeah


Well, Simple Simon says I know what you need, I’ve got it covered all you got to do is follow me

Just keep this list of rules that I have made and keep avoiding all the people that don’t walk the same way

Don’t want to lose the love that saved my soul; don’t want my part to be a major role

I want to help man with his greatest need – torn’s not what I want to be