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Chad Perron: Music

Dark Times

(Chad Perron)
January 1, 2003

You know He’ll keep you from harm, while leaning on everlasting arms

So why can we still feel pain, though we call on His precious name

He wants to more than rescue you

He cares enough to change you to 



We’ve got to praise God for the dark times – some things can’t be learned in the light

We need to praise God for the hard times – circumstances that soften our hearts . . .             

To what’s right


We tend to look for what’s fun, what’s hard to do tends to make us run

Inevitably with each day there are problems that get in the way

Sometimes it’s hard to understand

That God appoints our ruined plans 


How strange this journey can be, I’m changed by light that I cannot see

I can’t think of a better way to be taught to live by faith

I won’t be comfortable ‘till I’m home

But until then I’m not alone