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Chad Perron: Music

More Than I Say (Pete & Julie's Song)

(Chad Perron)
July 7, 2009

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For the Glory of Jesus Christ,
Chad Perron

In life it’s learned we don’t know what may come to be- and I

Know that it’s not so easy for hearts to believe

But my love for you is real and not just- just how I feel



Today I will say, from here and now, forever- we’ll share our lives together

And know that I am here- forget the world around us, the troubles that surround us

My love is more than I say- it’s my vow to forever be true- I love you 


Tomorrow holds the promise of a brighter day- but might

Be overshadowed by some darkness on our way

And though good or bad may change my love will- will still be the same *



So please don’t question why my love won’t fade away- because

The answer’s found in more than just mere words explain

And I know the years will show what I can’t say-

Beginning today