1. My Place

From the recording My Place

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You were the King born through unheard of means
In the land of a king, unable to see who you’d be          
He sought your life, without even knowing your face   
In the fear that you came to take his place
You came, veiled in flesh and bone
Exposed to all you own
Accepting man’s disdain                   
To glorify your Father’s name
Your were the Priest shaking the pillars of truth
With words they could hear, but not understand
They sought Your life, in anger they fashioned their case
In the fear that You came to take their place
Chorus 2
You came, disguised from those who see
Revealed to those in need
Condemning what seemed right
And bringing hope . . .
You came, rejected by Your own
Prepared to die alone
Accepting my disgrace
Lord you came to take my place
Though I’m just a man, unworthy, unholy
You’ve changed who I am- with grace that overflows
You are my God, Lord of all Heaven and Earth
Those who take what You give, will truly have life-truly live
You gave this life, when You heard me call out your name
I believe that you came to take my place.