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My name is Chad Perron, Claude and Kathleen's third child of four.  I was born in Claremont, NH and raised in a small Baptist church. Love for music started at an early age with a brown-eyed, three-year-old boy getting help from his Mom to request "Rhinestone Cowboy" from bands playing at family weddings, and in granting my Uncle Arthur's requests for a song on my Mickey Mouse guitar.

God's grace was revealed to me in the caring lives of family and church family who loved me through my failings and shortcomings. My love for the Lord grew in my years at the church-school from which I graduated in 1993. Following Dad's recommendations for college, I went on to complete a bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies with a minor in psychology.  The purpose in choosing this field of study was unknown to me other than my desire to know God and to honor my Dad by "getting that degree".

It became clearer that knowledge of Scripture would be used for more than personal growth as love for music re-entered the picture with my little brother, Nathan, coming home from college and teaching me to play the guitar – something I had tried to do several times in the past under the instruction of my cousin, Peter. I've always had a desire to write music, so I timidly began writing and sharing it in evening services at church. Over time, music has grown to be a "place" that I have found in Christ's Church to give encouragement-and I'm so grateful for this. 

It seems the Hand of Providence has increasingly made support for creating these songs possible starting with my friend, David Faro.  He and I were able to complete my first CD project, "This is Only a Test", in October of 2002 on David's digital recording program on his home computer.  David did a great deal of work helping to create and play these songs.  Shortly thereafter, on December 31st, 2002, at 11:50pm (we know this only because it was about ten minutes before the New Year's countdown), I met my wife at a New Year's celebration taking place at another local church. Vanessa and I were married six months later on June 21st, 2003. Vanessa has been my encouragement and inspiration from the Lord to press on in sharing these songs inspired by the Bible. Vanessa's excitement and matter-of-fact approach has been used by God to spur us forward in creating the next CD ("Grace") and playing out at venues other than church.  I'm honored to have her by my side as she uses her musical gifts to help communicate the messages in these songs.

There have since been other people who share the vision of CPM Ministry that have joined us in sharing their gifts/talents to make these songs shine.  Our drummer, Troy Vittum, has been a good friend and steady support in creating and performing the music, as well as a wise guide in making decisions on our CPM board.  Vic Barden, our bass player, is quick witted and has an amazing ear that will catch ANYTHING that needs fixin'.  He is an incredible musician and has a heart for serving God.  Tim Holtz plays rythme and lead electric guitar for us and has not only been 'instrumental' (sorry-had to) in his musical support, but is always ready to participate and help in any way he can-a true servant's heart.  There are two other men who are integral to the decisions we make, they are two of our pastors, Pastor David Crosby and Pastor Ken LaClair who join Vanessa, Troy, and I on the CPM Board.  We are truly blessed with their guidance.

This is the story thus far.  From beginning, to whatever end, to God be the Glory!