1. Unconditional

From the recording Unconditional


I’m glad you came to me my child, but you need to keep in mind my perfect point of view
It’s better for you
You say that there’s a strange resistance, it’s almost like I’ve kept my distance
That’s not Me; I’m gonna help you to see
I can see the pain you’re feeling, all the wrong your heart’s revealing
And I know you feel your strength is almost through
Even when you fall I’ll love you, everything may change I’ll keep you
I will never change my mind from loving you– I’m gonna love you
 The world is full of busy action, but at a loss for kind compassion
For the scared– life is so hard                  
Your effort seems a barren bleakness, but I am present in your weakness
I am strong, and I will help you along
When actions come to consequences it’s meant to bring you to your senses
On what’s right– please continue the fight
The righteous man will trip and tumble, but his mistake will make him humble
Be that man, and you’ll know who I am