1. Be Still

From the recording Be Still


When the Barricades of thought arise to complicate intentions in your life
And you loose sight of the path that’s meant for you     
And what’s drowning in this earthly noise is the calling of that still small voice
That would normally direct you what to do
It’s slow but this walk’s not over, it’s OK to rest until this time is through
Be still, Be still – Underneath the throne that knows no time where there is power in His will
Be still, Be still – He will bring about what’s waited for in His time but not until
Be still, Be still                                                             
In your years of labor you can’t find the reassurance you’ve not left behind
A life of someone you were meant to be   
And your thoughts are those God can’t condone but you’d like to try things on your own
Even though you know this isn’t what you need
You’re letting this world take over
Do you really want to hide the truth you see
Discouraged by the thought of how life’s meant to be – can make it difficult for me to truly see
This world’s not my home, this life’s not my own
This life’s not my own