1. Empty Shell

From the recording Empty Shell


I’ve been this way I’ll be able to see my way through
I’ve walked this road I don’t need to be told what to do
I’ve played this part I know my lines by heart
So whenever you’re ready, I’m ready to start
I look around to see the trouble I’m in,  I’d say I’m sorry but where would I begin
I need you in my life, without you I just might
Be an empty shell of what a man could become
You’ve always shown me to say what I mean what I do
I see in you what it means to your words to be true
You said no matter what you’d always stay
From what I’ve seen I see that you mean what you say      
You keep your word when you’re not feeling inclined, when faced with death you still had us on your mind 
Holy Father you’ve taken an interest in me
Lord, Jesus you’ve paid the price to set me free
Holy Spirit you’re guiding me through this life
Lord your hand has turned all of my darkness to light
So if I’m tired and I want to give in, please hold my heart and make me stronger again