Do Your Friends Know What You Need?

I had an experience not too long ago where a friend had the kindness to not hold back what my actions displayed.  I had been impatient and short in my statements while preparing for an event.  I later said to this friend, "I'm sorry, I get a little 'emphatic' sometimes."  I was hoping to cite, "Yeah, I don't like how I do this, but I realize that I do."  This friend's response was to go deeper and point out just exactly how it makes someone feel to hear comments that are quick and disrespectful, and he did it while still offering forgiveness for it.  It truly broke my heart-now I was REALLY sorry.  I needed to hear just how unloving my demeanor and language can be. Thank you Lord for the wounds of a friend!  I also realized from this that I need to ask my friends to be very clear and direct with me so that they know how I respond best to being called out for my sin.  I know that not everyone needs the same approach- some need a gentle arm around the shoulder, and others need the 2x4 of truth in the face.  So my question is this, do your friends know what you need?

-Chad Perron, CPM Ministry

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