Remaining Changed

Finish this statement with me, "Set it, and . . . .”  Ron Popeil summarized how we expect to see things operate in our modern world.  Just plug it in, turn it on, and let it do the work.  I find myself getting frustrated when something isn't working the way I expected, or exactly the way the manual said it would.  I'm finding as time goes on that I have to learn the tools and equipment I purchase and develop an understanding of their peculiarities.  An example of this is a humidifier that we own.  We were going through filters pretty regularly, and they aren’t cheap.  Eventually, we began turning the filter over once in a while so that the wicking end could get a break and soak for a while.  Now we do this twice a day.  Instead of changing a filter every three weeks, it lasts for several months.  Yes, this story is heading toward an analogy about God and our relationship with Him.  At some point, when the Holy Spirit calls you, you will have responded with repentance and turning to God through Jesus Christ, or by saying no to Him.  A trap we can fall into if we have said, “Yes, I believe, please forgive and save me.” is that this is the end of what we need to do rather than the beginning.  In order to be an effectively changed being in Christ, it is necessary to move forward as such with the learning and growing that will make us shine for His glory.

Chad Perron –CPM Ministry

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