Making Waves

We have recently seen the destructive power of water and waves.  It's frightening to see what this precious resource can do under the manipulation of natural occurrences.  I thought about how easy it is to make waves: an infant taking a bath inadvertently makes waves by awkward flailings, a pebble dropped into a pond creates ripples that extent far beyond its point of impact.  But how difficult is it to stop those waves and make water calm?  In Mark 4:39 Jesus calmed a storm which was so fierce that his disciples, seasoned fishermen, were afraid that they were going to die in it.  They were in awe of how the wind AND WAVES obeyed His voice.  What we are unable to control with all human thought and effort, the Creator of the Universe, Jesus Christ, tames with his voice.  How easily we make waves and turmoil in our lives-sometimes without even being intentional about it.  He is able to calm any storm raging within us, but He allows us to choose.  Will you listen to His voice? 

-Chad Perron, CPM Ministry

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